The 126th Canton Fair 2019

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Trade show has the advantage of highly passenger flow and information flow,which can not only efficiently promote the products of enterprises,improve the popularity,but also provide enterprise with the opportunity of technological innovation.Therefore our company attaches the great importance to solid exhibition marketing,in order to achieve breakthroughs on the platform of the exhibition.



In the exhibition,we have exhibited two major products:SEALING ROPE AND SEALING FLUID The products in exhibition are complete and various,which have gained wide attention from the exhibition. In particular,our independent design and production of Sealing rope has attracted much attention.


After the professional visitors and exhibitors in exhibition have gotten to know our products very well,they show great interest in our products on display. Many customers have conducted detailed consultation on the site,hoping to have in-depth cooperation through this exhibition.

Jiangxi Gooz Adhesive Co., Ltd

Jiangxi Gooz Adhesive Co., Ltd

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