MDF KIT 50G+200ML/100G+400ML

Cyanoacrylate Mdf Glue Accelerator Adhesive (Activator400ml+Glue100g) (Activator200ml+Glue50g)

Product description

Cyanoacrylate Mdf Glue Accelerator Adhesive (Activator 400ml + Glue 100g)(Activator 200ml + Glue 50g)


An adhesive set which consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator.
Fast Adhesive (Mdf Kit), which has a wide range of uses in daily life, is a set consisting of one cyanoacrylate adhesive and one activator.
It is used for fast and easy bonding of MDF, wood, metal, aluminum, marble, concrete, stone, granite, ceramic, natural stone, rubber, leather, and many hard plastic surfaces within seconds.



* High bonding strength.

* Suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump.
* It is particularly suited to bonding difficult substrates which have a porous or uneven nature since it increases bonding strength by preventing the adhesive to be absorbed by the surface.


Technical Information

* Glue

Basis: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

Appearance: Liquid gel

Color: Colorless

Application Temperature: +5°C to +35°C

Density: 1.06 ± 0.01 gr/cm3 ASTM D1875

Flashpoint: > 81 ° C

Viscosity: 1200 – 1800 Cps at 25°C ASTM D1084

Temperature Resistance: -20oC to +70 oC

* Activator

Color: Colorless

Application Temperature: +5°C to +35°C

TemperatureResistance: -20oC to +70 oC

Substrates need to be smooth and have a perfect connection area. Apply a drop on one of the substrates.
Join substrates and press firmly for one minute.
Application temperatureisbetween +5°C and +35°C
Storage and Shelf Life :
12 months in unopened packaging in a dry and cool storage place at temperatures between +5°C
Product usage
◆  Speed up curing: The equipment can be put back into operation quickly
◆  When the large gap: Deep and large clearance threads
◆  At low temperature : Temperature has a great impact on the curing speed of glue, generally in 10℃ below
the need to use accelerator
◆  Accelerator also has the function of cleaning agent
* It is suitable for the bonding of a very wide range of materials, including acidic surfaces and some porous
ones, where rapid bonding times are required.
* Suitable for MDF, wood, chip wood, rubber, most plastics, leather and other common substrates.
* Especially suitable for the applications where cure speed needs to be accelerated.
* Although Spray has a degree of gap filling ability, it is generally recommended for use on close-fitting parts
and fairly smooth, even surfaces.


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