HiGlue 242

● Apply to thread size: M6~M20. ● Used to most metal surface, use common tools to disassemble. ● with certain lubricity to achieve accurate clamping load.


1:To prevent the loose

2:Seal to prevent leakage

3:Hold position

Widely used, sealing, locking, holding, bonding, plugging and so on can be stored stably, the storage life of glue liquid is generally three years



1:High viscosity and high strength

2:Excellent performance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance

3:No solvent, low toxicity, low hazard, no pollution

4:Adhesive seam overflow does not cure, easy to remove.


How to use:

1.Remove oil contamination from the area that sealant is to be applied. ACETONE can gibe good cleaning result.
2.Apply enough sealant on the surface to be sealed.
3.Assembly with normal tools, leave enough curing time.
4.When disassembly, use traditional method or heat up to 260℃ if necessary.



Package 1 one piece 10ml,50ml,250ml etc.
Package 2 inner box 10 pieces
Package 3 outer carton 10 inner boxes
Package 4 or packing as customer requests


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