Higlue 545

HiGlue 545 Pipe thread sealant Hydraulic/Pneumatic sealant • Fast curing,no pollution of hydraulic system, low strength.


Pipe thread sealants can be used to seal and fix metal pipes and fittings, fit gaps between threads of metal parts, and prevent leakage after curing.For sealing in high and low pressure environment.Liquid sealants can be used for instant seal tests at low pressure and can seal to bursting strength for most piping systems after full curing.



• Fast curing,no pollution of hydraulic system, low strength.

• For sealing and locking (joint with taper thread) high hydraulic power system, the following M36 taper thread (NPT).

• It does not contain filler won't clog the valve or filtering system.


Technical Data

Colour: Purple


Service temperature range: -54 to +150°C

Resistance to pressure(sealing working pressure)≤10,000psi

Recommended accelerator:7649

Relative density:1.02



Q:Are you factory or trading company?

A:We are factory.

Q:What is the MOQ?

A:Only 100pcs

Q:Can I get a free sample from your factory.

A:Yes, but we don’t afford freight.



50ml per piece;

10 pieces per box;

10 boxes per carton;

Or packing as customer request.

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