HiGlue 7452 accelerator


7452 is transparent, light amber, cure-speed accelerator for the increased cure speed of  cyanoacrylate adhesives. It can be either pre- or post-applied. It is especially suited for post-application on cyanoacrylate adhesive to ensure rapid fixturing. Typical applications include securing wires or coils to PCBs, tamper-proofing adjustable components, mounting stand-offs, edge guides and board stiffeners.



• For use with instant adhesives

• Cures excess adhesive

• Provides excellent cosmetic appearance avoiding the white discoloration of instant adhesives

• Not recommended on plastics prone to stress cracking


Technical Data

Colour: Transparent colorless to slightly amber liquid.

Viscosity: very low

Solvent: Acetone

Cure: Not applicable

Solvent evaporation time: 30s

Application:CA adheisve cure accelerator



Q:Are you factory or trading company?

A:We are factory.

Q:What is the MOQ?

A:Only 100pcs

Q:Can I get a free sample from your factory.

A:Yes, but we don’t afford freight.



50ml per piece;

10 pieces per box;

10 boxes per carton;

Or packing as customer request.


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